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Why Real Estate Blows Away the Stock Market

We’re all advised to save money. Unfortunately, this advice doesn’t address the very real struggle to save. For most people it is simply IMPOSSIBLE to save enough. To achieve financial security in your life there are 3 essential questions that you MUST have the answers to: 1. What will your expenses be at the time of your retirement? 2. How will you create the investment income you need to be able to retire? 3. When will you have this very necessary income? Do you have the answers to these crucial questions? We do! The Life of Your Dreams While not every aspect of our dream life is attached to money, much of it is. Savings for college educations, family vacations, and retirement, of course, all require money. The majority of Americans struggle to save enough money for all of these things. The great news is that they are attainable when you receive our custom How to Become Rich plan that will improve your life. 2 A National Crisis It is our mission to help create a better life for our customers. Unfortunately, Americans need more financial help more than ever before. The gap between the rich and the middle class and the poor is wider and accelerating faster than ever. The wealth gap in America has reached a startling level. It is in the news frequently, but the fact is few understand why. The reason the wealth gap is growing so rapidly is because the wealthy play by a completely different set of financial rules than the middle class and poor. The fact is the majority of people in this country struggle financially. Statistics show that 63% of the U.S. net worth is controlled by only 5% of the population. In contrast, 80% of the population controls only 12% of the net worth. It is critical for you and your family’s financial future that you learn what the differences are between how the wealthy and everyone else play the game of building wealth. 3 Many people think their 401k/IRA is a safe retirement plan. Wrong! Here’s why. Why Your 401k/IRA Will Fail You Many people put money aside for retirement through a 401k or IRA. Unfortunately, these programs are failing the average person because of inflation: the constant rising costs of goods and services. The dividends on these popular retirement programs will help but do not provide enough for retirement when inflation is calculated. Most people save what they can until they reach their senior years and learn the painful lesson that the combination of low growth with their 401K/IRA and the rapid growth of inflation has crushed their hopes of retiring. Over the past 100 years, inflation has averaged approximately 3% . After the financial meltdown of 2008, the government reported historically low inflation rates of 1-2%. However, now inflation is on the rise and back up to 2.5%. To make matters worse, the actual inflation rate for Southern California consumers is much higher. The reason is the cost of housing. Rents in Southern California have been going up approximately 5% per year. Real estate prices have been increasing even higher. Prices in Los Angeles and Orange Counties have been rising over an average of 8.5% per year. What does this mean to you and what is the impact on your retirement plan?

Mark 1 Wealth Academy Founder Mark Prather

Founder Mark Prather
The Three Questions You MUST Have the Answers To

What will your expenses be at the time of your retirement? 

How will you create the investment income you need to cover these expenses?

When will you have this very necessary income?

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