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Information Mark1 Wealth Academy By Information Mark1 Wealth Academy • March 2, 2017

Carol E. of Laguna Niguel

Let us introduce you to Carol E. of Laguna Niguel

We met Carol 4 years ago… a single woman who worked most of her life as an administrator in the mental health field and had never owned her own home. 

The Challenge:

Unfortunately, Carol like so many others, did not have a retirement account.  Her savings account balance was $9,000.   Retirement was not an option.  Her dream was to live in Hawaii and not have the stress of a monthly house payment

Solution Recommended

We recommended Carol purchase a home as soon as possible so she could reap the benefits of mortgage pay-down and appreciation.  We knew this would be her best chance at increasing her savings without having to put money in the bank. 

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

In 2012, we were able to get Carol approved for an FHA loan.  She used $7,315 as a down payment on a beautiful 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo in Laguna Niguel.  The purchase price was $209,000. 

Four years later, at age 63, Carol sold her condo for $325,000 resulting in a TAX FREE gain of over $110,000! She has since moved to Hawaii where she is purchasing a home “all cash” and will have no mortgage payments for the rest of her life!

Total Return on Investment:  1,653%
Compounded Annual Growth Rate: 91%


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