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Working with Your Real Estate Wealth Advisor

Wealth Building Strategies

The number of people that are struggling to achieve financial security has been steadily growing for over 50 years. The reason is that most people do not know or understand the Science of Building Wealth. There are seven dynamics to wealth growth that must be applied to maximize wealth growth. Mark’s career experience of over 40 years comes into play with our Straight Line to Rich program. At Mark 1, we prepare a strategic custom wealth building plan for you.

This strategic plan begins with creating alternative income now that will eventually grow into retirement income. We know that building alternative income begins to lift the financial weight off of your shoulders now, not just when you retire. 

We also provide debt management plans for those in need of getting out of debt before they can begin their wealth building journey. 

Mortgage Loans and Planning

Mark began in the mortgage industry in 1978 and founded Mark 1 Mortgage in 1981. He has originated loans of all types including residential loans ranging from FHA/ VA, conventional and portfolio loans. He also provides Apartment and Commercial loans.

We know the ins and outs and work our best to satisfy every customer’s needs.

No idea what you qualify for? We’ll walk you through the entire process, help you plan, save, and what you can comfortably afford. We can also help show you how to manage debt, improve your credit score, and afford the home of your dreams. We can also help you re-finance once you’ve purchased a home. As a team, we work with you to package desirable loans for customers of any financial standing.

Real Estate Investments

Once you have your strategic wealth plan you will need an expert in the field of real estate. Our team of real estate experts know the best areas to invest and will execute your strategic wealth building plan designed to maximize your Returns On Investment (ROI). From the investment novice to the pro, we culture and educate you on how and where to invest and walk you through the entire process. Our mission is to help people build cash flow, retirement funds, and build wealth for generations to come through the safest and fastest ways to invest.

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