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Mark 1 Wealth Academy Calculator

Less than 10% of the people in this country become wealthy.

With the the right training and coaching anyone may become wealthy and financially secure.

To get you started on the right path we begin with a personal custom "Financial Freedom Analysis."

The Financial Freedom analysis will provide you an overview of where you are financially today and more importantly where you are headed in the future.

Most people are heading for a financial train wreck that can be diverted because they have the time.

Why 80% of American's are unable to retire with their 401(k) & IRA

Estimated Savings $331,467.39 divided by your monthly expenses of $12,138.31 will leave you with enough income to live comfortably for 2.3 years!

 Sample Today Tomorrow
Savings $5000 $331,476.39
Expenses $5000 $12,138.31

Savings divided by Annual Expenses = 

2.3 years of Savings


It is just not mathematically possible

If your monthly expenses today are $5,000 and inflation is 3%, guess where your expenses will be in 30 years?

Your monthly expenses will grow to $12,138.31


Now let’s compare what you have saved to what your expenses are:

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you have $5,000 currently saved and are able to save an additional $300 a month for the next 30 years and you’re earning 6% on your money

Any idea where you’ll end up?

You will have saved a whopping $331,467.39

Not too bad right?

I agree, it doesn’t sound too bad until we compare it to what your expenses will be in 30 years

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