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Mark Prather By Mark Prather • November 16, 2017

Why Your 401k/Ira is not enough for retirement

Most people think, I have a 401K/IRA so I should be fine, right? Unfortunately, this is not true.

Have you calculated how long your retirement money will last in your IRA or 401K? Very few people ever do this calculation. This is a HUGE mistake. Sadly, most people will run out of money in two years or less when they retire.

The problem is inflation. Inflation is the rise and cost of goods over time.  Keeping up with inflation is a real struggle for Americans looking to save for retirement. This is especially true when it comes to housing. Many Americans do not get to retire when they are ready to because they have to work to pay rent or keep up with the mortgage from buying late. Buying sooner than later helps you prepare for retirement, since a mortgage cost eventually goes away, decreasing your expenses drastically. 

Fortunately, Mark 1 Morgagae & Wealth Academy has helped dozens of customers find financial security and sustainable income for life. Take a look at our testimonials.

Don’t rely on the save and hope it works strategy. Find out now how long your money will last on your current savings program and, more importantly. Try our retirement calculator to see where your 401k/IRA stands. Can it survive inflation? 

From there we can teach you how to secure retirement income that will never run out and leave a legacy of wealth for your children.

 If you're ready to have financial clarity in your life, now is the time to learn how and when you will be financially secure. To begin your journey, request your FREE Financial Freedom Analysis today! 

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