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The "Save and Hope" Strategy

“Save and Hope” is not a strategy!

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Students: Indentured Servants for Decades

Nothing outrages me more than seeing people being taken advantage of and set up to fail. This was the case with sub-prime loans and is now the case with student loans. It is corrupt legal collusion between colleges/universities and the government to line both of their pockets at the expense of students and families. The government provides student loans at outrageous interest rates relative to what they charge banks and everyone else. They bury the student/family in debt for decades preventing them from being able to file bankruptcy when the education the student receives does not provide anywhere near the income needed to be able to repay the debt. 

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Are your children on the path to financial security?

Millennials have been affected by the financial meltdown of 08 more than any other generation. The first hit was emotional; they watched their families lose their homes and parents struggle with the financial collapse. The second hit affected their future as heavy student debt and a poor job market after the financial meltdown made many members of this young generation cynical about their financial prospects.

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