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Welcome to Home Owner Roommates

Get a roommate,

get equity!

Want to buy a home but can’t qualify?

We’ll connect you to other like-minded buyers

About Us:

Homeowner Roommates is a division of the

Mark 1 Wealth Academy

We help consumers overcome the affordability challenge of Southern California real estate by connecting potential homeowner roommates, thereby increasing their purchasing power.


Our goal is to help customers begin their journey of homeownership and wealth through equity growth in real estate.

Services We Provide


Find the roommate of your dreams! We start with a personality questionnaire to make sure you’re compatible, find what location works best, and the perfect budget for you both.

How does it work?

Homeowner Roommates helps you find a great roommate partner and cosigner who you can buy with and improve your financial circumstances.

Services We Provide

Real Estate Advisor

Our top agents are trained in the roommate services required and will help you find the home of your dreams.

Why Buy:

Renting is harmful to your financial wellbeing. Owning property helps you build wealth and prepare for retirement. Southern California has some of the highest appreciation rates in the country. Don’t miss out on all that wealth growth because you can’t afford a loan.

Services We Provide


Our mortgage branch will help you find the best home loan. We do our best to see if you qualify for government programs, special discounts, and get great rates.

Our loan officers provide easy, dependable loan processing to make sure your home buying transaction runs smoothly until it’s ready for move in.

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Home Owner Roommates

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Homeowner Roommates?

Buying a home is one of the largest purchases you will ever make in your life and the rewards are great! Don’t miss out just because you can’t afford it on your own. We help build a stable living situation that will benefit you.

What if I don’t like my roommate?

If you and your homeowner roommate chemistry doesn’t work out you are not trapped for life! To be obtain mortgage financing lenders requirement a commitment of intent to occupy. This means you must be committed to moving into the property purchased. If after 6 months the partnership relationship does not work for any reason either party can move out.

However, this does not relieve the homeowner roommate owner partner from their financial obligation with the monthly mortgage payment. The best financial solution is to secure an alternative roommate tenant. If this situation occurs the homeowner roommate may NOT be able to rent their room for as much as their share of the ownership mortgage payment and utilities.