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Analyzing the BIG GUYS

Analyze the


Well lets examine this for a minute. Think for a moment about some of the richest people that you can think of? Perhaps Bill Gates, Jeff Bezo’s, the late Steve Jobs, the Walton family etc. Did these people become rich saving money in a 401K or IRA? The obvious answer is no.

But you might say, "Yea but those people built gigantic companies, I don’t have a gigantic company."

Here is what you are missing or not seeing. It is the under lying dynamics of how they created massive wealth. What they are able to do with their investment/business is multiply their wealth growth per dollar invested many times more than the average person can saving money in a bank account or a retirement account like a 401K or IRA. This is called Exponential Wealth Growth versus the traditional linear wealth growth. It is almost impossible for the average person to ever become rich through linear wealth growth. The few that are successful do so through extremely difficult budgeting and voracious saving until they reach retirement age.

The key to becoming rich is to get you into the game of Exponential Wealth Growth. You see Exponential Wealth Growth isn't just for the super wealthy, anyone can play this game, they just have to know how. This is where the Mark 1 Wealth Academy comes in. Our Wealth Academy Advisors are trained in teaching and guiding you in the dynamics of Exponential Wealth Growth.

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