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Full Service Real Estate & Mortgage


Before deciding to sell, you should consider all of the options. There is so much more than just the price of your house and our goal is to educate our clients before they make a decision. How much is your home currently worth? Would it be wise to make improvements? How much will it cost to keep your home? Will it continue to build equity? Are there tax implications by selling? Our experts can guide you through this process safely and securly.


The Real Estate Market is dynamic and the process is often filled with risk. Our licensed agents know the market and have access to our proprietary Mark 1 Investment Toolkit to ensure you make a wise purchase. Want to Search Homes? Click HERE.


Financing a home can be complicated. We offer traditional and safe mortgage products for every family. We offer, FHA, conventional, and even portfolio mortgages through our vast network of brokers.

Hi. I'm Chasin. Nice to meet you.

Chasin Prather


Chasin Prather heads Chasin RE where our team of licensed real estate professionals will assist you in your home buying, selling, and financing needs. Our goal is to help each and every one of our clients get a good value for their home with affordable payments and make an investment into their futures through homeownership.

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Client Testimonials on Zillow
"My wife and I have had the benefit of working with Chasin to facilitate 3 transactions over the last 5 years. In each instance, Chasin's approach was ... more "
by sheelmehta
"As a first-time homebuyer I found the process incredibly complex, but Chasin kept it from being overwhelming. He was straightforward, great at ... more "
by joyrugger
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