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Information Mark1 Wealth Academy By Information Mark1 Wealth Academy • July 19, 2018

Peter Homer

Peter Homer is a successful real estate investor himself who has lived in Orange County since 1990. He earned his business Finance degree from Cal State Fullerton. Peter is a licensed Realtor and residential lender for over the past 22 years. Peter teaches the 5 economic benefits of real estate investing to his clients and helps them locate and finance properties for personal living and for future investment cash flow purposes. He was most recently a general partner for “Preferred Equity Partners” where he and his investors’ flipped several properties successfully in Sacramento, CA for a substantial profit. In retrospect, he wishes he would have kept them all as rentals as a solid retirement strategy vs. the quick flipping approach…

Peter currently manages real estate investment portfolios for wealthy clients. He teams up with approximately 25 Realtors and property managers in Orange County and Inland Empire in an ongoing effort as their primary purchase lender and R/E marketing partner to find the cheapest properties with highest rental ROI. Peter leverages the financial tools and graphs Mark and Chasin Prather developed at Mark 1 Mortgage in Orange, CA to illustrate how to jump start retirement strategies through real estate.

He teaches home buyers and Realtor associates how and why real estate investment blows away the stock market risk by betting on future rents increasing while the tenant pays down his client’s mortgage.

Ask Peter how to TRIPLE your underperforming 401K returns through real estate while minimizing their risk in stock market volatility. Peter creates investment transactions by illustrating the benefits of betting on rental cash flow for retirement coupled with the 5 economic benefits of utilizing real estate as the best retirement strategy for both millennials and baby boomers alike. Peter utilizes a TEAM APPROACH with clients, often including his client’s CPAs and financial planners in his retirement planning process!

Peter has funded hundreds of loans since 2008 and is very experienced with illustrating the personalized tax benefits, ROI, forecasting rental cash flow, and advocates the buy and hold strategy moving forward. Peter loves to share his loan and real estate sales knowledge while customizing each real estate investment strategy around his client’s current goals and future retirement strategy.

As an example, if you had $500,000 from the sale of a home, current home equity, inheritance or in the stock market/bank, where would you invest it today and why for the highest ROI in 2018 - 2020?

Peter’s objective is to assist families to convert systematically from active working income into passive rental real estate income so that they can retire like kings and queens without the headaches of property management! To find out how: Call or email Peter directly: Toll-free (714) 606-1961  phomer@m1m.com