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Information Mark1 Wealth Academy By Information Mark1 Wealth Academy • August 11, 2017

Meet Mark Prather

See what others are saying about Mark. 

"I have been in sales my entire adult life and I have never gotten the reaction in the past that I am getting from using the current version of the presentation. One woman who will either buy or sell and buy asked me how much more than other Realtors I charge being prepared to pay more. Another family wants to sell two houses and buy four others. Another still has to get me their financial information but they already own six properties. I could go on and on. I project to substantially grow my business using this system. The truth is that I have no competition because the level of service this allows me to provide is head and shoulders above anything that any other Realtor or Loan Officer offers."

Bruce Roth - RE/Max Excellence 

"Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge and  information yesterday at the Mark1 Wealth Academy Class. I've attended a lot of classes on how to increase business, get motivated, and how to overcome objections, but before your class the classes that I have attended had little or no lasting value.
On the contrary your class was very refreshing, informational, and most importantly it gave all the "whys and facts" on how to educate the consumer on how to best reach their financial goals based on where they are in life. I've been in the financial services industry for 30 years and believe I have never learned so much in such a short period of time that I can apply immediately to increase my business by educating the consumer. It's definitely a win win for all parties involved.

I'm ecstatic about enrolling and getting started in the training. Please also thank the VP of Mark 1 Wealth Academy she did an awesome job too."

Cheers and thank you, 
Armando Olivas

It was fantastic. We (Realtors) have such tremendous power to transform people’s lives through, not just our license, but the knowledge that we can acquire by attending his seminars and acquiring the techniques on helping people create wealth for themselves. By default we create wealth for ourselves. We make it a win-win situation for everybody. Thank You. 

Leticia Martinez- Superior Realty

"I think it's great because it gives us information that differentiates us from other Realtors and can change our client's life/ legacy. I Look forward to working with your Academy! And, I am even more excited to bring this education to my old and new clients."

Thanks so much for taking interest in our non-profit which mentors young men 8-18 yrs. Many of these young men come from underserved communities. I will share with them concepts  your book "Why the Rich Stay Rich and The Poor Stay Poor"."

Howard Perry - First Team Real Estate

"Absolutely eye opening. Definitely something EVERY agent can use.  You guys are addressing an industry that needs exactly what you are providing...Education on making us better at what we do. The home purchase is likely most folk's largest investment in their portfolio and many of them make decisions based on input from the agent who may or may not be properly educated and or motivated, so Thank You!"

 Jeff Munson Century 21 Award

"I’ve had new people who have chosen to work with me because of the Wealth Academy concepts and material I have presented to them about their financial future. It’s great. Mark’s great. I would recommend this to other Agents."

Lori Hepler - First Team Real Estate


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