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Information Mark1 Wealth Academy By Information Mark1 Wealth Academy • May 23, 2018

Jason Risley

Jason Risley is an entrepreneur who grew up in both LA and Orange County. His degree from Azusa Pacific University was in accounting and he went to work for KPMG LLP (accounting firm) right out of school.AdvisorJasonRisley-1Since then, he has worked as a realtor and real estate consultant for 13 years. He has continuously helped clients find undervalued properties for living and investment. He has helped clients buy and rent out and he also helped clients flip homes depending on their objectives. He utilizes appraisers and appraisal software to narrow the real estate search to the top 3% of deals on the market that fits his client’s objectives. Along with that, he has helped regular buyers buy based on their objectives and also educates on the pros, cons, and potential each property holds based on economic factors, layout, and potential to improve a home for highest ROI. On the seller side, he has a very extensive marketing plan unique to each home to make sure the seller gets top dollar. His team has found spending money with targeted ads online yields the best results!

Jason continues to be involved at his church and be a real estate investor himself. He not only helps clients with their investment plans, but has his own real estate portfolio as well. His objective is to help people go from working income to passive income so that they can retire and/or have freedom to spend more time with family, friends, and volunteering so as to make a positive impact in people’s lives.

Click for 2 Minute Video on Services (As Seen on Fox11 in July of 2015)


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