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Why Real Estate is the Fastest, Safest Path to Wealth!

We’re all advised to save money.

Unfortunately, this advice doesn’t address the very real struggle to save. For most people, it is simply IMPOSSIBLE to save enough. To achieve financial security in your life there are 3 essential questions that you MUST have the answers to:

  1. What will your expenses be at the time of your retirement?
  2. How will you create the investment income you need to be able to retire?
  3. When will you have this very necessary income?

Do you have the answers to these crucial questions?


WE DO!!!

Mark 1 Wealth Academy Advisor Wade Wright

Advisor Wade Wright

Join Us Saturday, January 26th  from 10 am - 12 pm at the DoubleTree by Hilton Irvine Spectrum to Learn More About:

  • Why Real Estate is the Fastest Safest Path to Wealth!
  • The FIVE Economic Benefits of Real Estate
  • Major Flaws of the 401k & IRA
  • FIVE Critical Questions That Will Determine Your Financial Future

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Over eighty percent of the average American’s net worth is the equity in their home.



On average, wealth growth through a home will more than triple a homeowner’s 401k or IRA!

Special Event Speaker Mark 1 Wealth Academy Founder Mark Prather


Author- Why the Rich Stay Rich and the Poor Stay Poor

Founder Mark Prather


Real estate has the intrinsic ability to grow massive amounts of wealth without the need to save money!

SATURDAY, Jan­uary 26TH  10 am-12 pm
DoubleTree by Hilton   •   Irvine Spectrum
90 Pacifica Ave., Irvine 92618

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Your Path to Wealth is Through Your Home!